I use the toolkit of economics to address various questions in the social sciences. I’m particularly interested in issues related to environmental economics and development economics. I have worked on questions related to the management of global resources in the long-run, legal pluralism in Sierra Leone, spatial development in China, religion and religious leaders in Burundi, education in Tanzania, among other topics.


Naso, P., Haznedar, O., Lanz, B., Swanson, T. (2022). A Macroeconomic Approach to Global Land Use PolicyResource and Energy Economics.

Naso, P., Lanz, B., Swanson, T. (2020). The Return of Malthus? Resource Constraint in an Era of Declining Population Growth, European Economic Review. [VoxColumn]

Naso, P., Bulte, E.; Swanson, T. (2020) Legal Pluralism in post-conflict Sierra Leone, European Journal of Political Economy.

Naso, P., Yi, H.; Swanson, T. (2020) The Impact of Environmental Regulation on Chinese Spatial Development, Economics of Transition and Institutional Change.

Working Papers:

Delegation of Regulation and Perceived Corruption in South Africa.

The Economic Benefits of Male Adulthood: Evidence from Rural Burundi, with Ishrat Hans.

Using Information to Improve Global Cooperation: A Climate Change Experiment, with Tania Theoduloz, Nicholas Tyack, Dambala Gelo, Mare Sarr and Tim Swanson.

Heterogeneous Impacts of School Fee Elimination in Tanzania: Gender and Colonial Infrastructure, with Roxana Manea.

Work in Progress:

Appropriability of the Returns to Training as a Barrier to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Burundi, with Luisa Cefala, Nick Swanson and Michel Ndayikeza.

Organized Crime, Corruption and Politicians in Mexico, with Claudia Pfeifer Cruz.

Does Religiosity Promote Prosociality?, with Tim Swanson.

Forest Plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Adolphe Mukenge and Diomede Manirakiza.

Shocks and Religiosity in Burundi, with Franck Irakoze and Tim Swanson.

Where Do Religious Leaders Lead? The Impact of Leaders on Conflict in Burundi, with Franck Irakoze and Tim Swanson.


Bibliographie générale: Burundi 1962-2022, by Prof. François Lagarde.

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