Field and Policy Work

Muramvya, Burundi

Field Work:

During my doctoral studies, I had the opportunity to conduct field research in Africa and Asia. I visited the University of Cape Town (UCT) several times and Peking University (PKU).

From 2019 to 2021, I was the impact lead of One Acre Fund in Burundi. I was responsible for a team of 30+ surveyors, and implemented agricultural and economic surveys with Burundian farmers.


1) Appropriability of Gains and Technology Adoption (2022-): along with researchers from the University of Burundi, the University of California, Berkeley, and in collaboration with One Acre Fund – Burundi, I am running an RCT in several collines across the country. The objective of this project is to study whether the adoption of technology by local farmers can be fostered by peer-to-peer training.

2) Religiosity and Altruism (2022-): in collaboration with the University of Burundi (CURDES) and the Christian University of Bujumbura, I am studying whether religiosity promotes out-group prosociality in Burundi. I am working with pastors from various churches and farmers from rural areas.

Pastors from the Anglican Church of Burundi singing in Kirundi.

Policy Work:

Transboundary Water Study and Support for the Government of Iraq (2022-2023): Support for the Government of Iraq to develop a transboundary water negotiation strategy (Consultant for the Geneva Water Hub). Visits to Erbil and Baghdad.

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