(A) Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (Intro to Environmental Econ):

I have been teaching the Master’s course Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (IHEID) since 2015. This course is a graduate introduction to Natural Resources Economics. I am responsible for teaching the practical classes and for grading problem sets. (students feedback: 20172018).

Course Material (2017/2018): Slides: First ClassSecond ClassThird ClassFourth ClassHandout, Problem Set.

Course Material (2018/2019): Lectures: Introduction to Dynamic Optimization; Classes: Optimal Control TheoryPractice Problem Set.

Course Material (2021/2022): Slides: First, Second and Third; Project.


“Every man’s performances, to be rightly estimated, must be compared with the state of the age in which he lived, and with his own particular opportunities […] [T]here is always a silent reference of human works to human abilities, and as the enquiry, how far man may extend his designs, or how high he may rate his native force, is of far greater dignity than in what rank we shall place any particular performance […].” Samuel Johnson, Preface to Shakespeare (1765)

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